Wednesday, April 9, 2014

An ode to happiness

Oh happiness, how you slip away from me.
You play hide and seek with me, day after day, night after night
You crouch slowly, waiting to spring up on me
But, when you do, you are frustratingly fleeting.
You appear and disappear, and play with each other, like close-knit brothers.
You show me quick glimpses into worlds unknown
And push me to chase after you, in a hopeless, desperate way.
You appear when least expected,
You fill my soul with warmth,
You shape-shifter, you melt into nothingness.
In your pursuit, I find myself chasing false Gods,
Which fail me gently, and sometimes not-so-gently.
You leave me unable to realise
Just what a fickle friend you really are.
Friendly, but impermanent
Warming, but quick to grow cold
If i did not wait for your appearance, nor mourn your disappearance
I might not be human, I might be 'God'
I cannot abandon the notion of you
Finding you lends meaning
The truth or falseness of which
Makes up the preoccupations of my everyday
Seeking you is not futile
So, I will search for you, however endless.  

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