Wednesday, April 9, 2014

An ode to happiness

Oh happiness, how you slip away from me.
You play hide and seek with me, day after day, night after night
You crouch slowly, waiting to spring up on me
But, when you do, you are frustratingly fleeting.
You appear and disappear, and play with each other, like close-knit brothers.
You show me quick glimpses into worlds unknown
And push me to chase after you, in a hopeless, desperate way.
You appear when least expected,
You fill my soul with warmth,
You shape-shifter, you melt into nothingness.
In your pursuit, I find myself chasing false Gods,
Which fail me gently, and sometimes not-so-gently.
You leave me unable to realise
Just what a fickle friend you really are.
Friendly, but impermanent
Warming, but quick to grow cold
If i did not wait for your appearance, nor mourn your disappearance
I might not be human, I might be 'God'
I cannot abandon the notion of you
Finding you lends meaning
The truth or falseness of which
Makes up the preoccupations of my everyday
Seeking you is not futile
So, I will search for you, however endless.  

Saturday, June 8, 2013


What you desire, so you shall become
What you long for, from the deepest recesses of your heart
Will be yours to enjoy forever.
The world around you might be seen as a rise of a mighty mountain,
Or come crashing down on your like a reckless wave.
But, you shall not be torn apart, you shall persist forever.
Your heart and hopes and dreams will not lurk in the shadows
They are golden lights threaded on an endless string of the universe
Each too small to stand alone, you think?
But, each quiet desire is a testimony to the road of your soul
The one you choose to wander on, stumble and fall.
The one you must always pick yourself up from, and travel ahead
The world and its people might deceive you at every turn
Do not fall for derision or glory
Stay strong, stay hopeful and stay free
For so you shall become.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Walk on

Funny how blahness induces creativity.
Or rather pushes it off of me
Unstructured thoughts are like sheep let free from herding
They offer temporary respite and limited freedom.
Every day I watch a yellow shrub shed its leaves one by one
Today, few cling on for dear life
Representing a change in season
Or, a shedding of inhibitions.
Every day, a little bit of sun shines down upon it
Egging it on to flourish
But, it most follow the circle of life, death and resurrection
You want to sleep the dullness away
To restore sense and aliveness in your brain
To spark a hope that can keep you burning
But, like all my tales of deep despair
This one too is yearning
To not be defeated
To view things in perspective
to be a little taller than the smallest small
Sometimes you don't know what you want
And when you do, you can't always get it
So, you change your mind, a TV channel, new clothes
You bathe, get out, talk to somebody new, take a deep breath
And invest in something new.
If this seems abrupt, it's on purpose
You see life is sudden, unexpected, and never regular for one
Who is always torn asunder by deep longings,
Does one be a victim or slave to it?
The other option. is to be unnatural. And, fake. Add a little sunshine.
Revel in it, and be transformed?
Isn't that the hoop we walk in everyday?